Faith and Marriage Ministries » Prayers For Marriage Restoration – Women

As I contend and war for the restoration of my marriage, in all areas, I must realize I am in an all out battle for our souls.  

 I must be battle ready, daily, through prayer, repentance, worship, study in the word, and a review of the heavenly armor of God (Eph. 6).  

 I wear this armor continuously, even when I sleep, but I must renew my mind (consecrate my imagination) in the power of God as I wear each piece.  I must daily ask if I have given the enemy a foothold (a kink in my armor), allowing him access to torment and weaken my resolve.  

 When I remind myself of the armor I wear, I am also reminding myself that “Jesus who is in me is greater than he who is in the world” (1 John 4: 4 NKJV). And, I must remember that each piece of the armor is an attribute and a name of God that I choose to wear.  

I call on the power of God, in His armor, to stand against the assault of the wicked one, and I march forth, as an anointed soldier, fighting the good fight, victorious to the end! (See my earlier blog post describing what my personal armor looks like.)

I found the ministry link below as I was praying for my marriage in the early morning hours of my day.  The scripture and prayers that follow will encourage and uplift you as you fight for the marriage God intended you both to have.  

May you find support and resolve as you continue to persevere for what is good and right in God’s sight.

You can also read more prayers, and sign up for ongoing prayer support with the ministry attached.  Just follow the links at the bottom of the prayer. 

Blessings, and honor, and favor to you,

– A Fellow Warrior Contending in Faith,



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