Cardinal of Hope

Cardinal of Hope

On a day that is bleak, though there’s new fallen snow,

You fret and you ponder which way you should go.

You haven’t the heart to believe any more

That the plans He has made would your own faith restore.

You’ve struggled and tried to use your own power

To understand things before the right hour.

But Jesus replies, “Rest in my unending grace.

Know my love and purpose is surely in place.

I will not leave you nor forsake you my child;

Your faith is the fabric put on in the trial.

So trust in me daughter and lean not on you,

For the secret lies deep in the pain you go through.

Acknowledge me daily with every heart cry,

And I will show you the answer to ‘Why?’

The fruit you produce in obedience will

One day be a legacy your children fulfill.

So look for the blessing I will send your way;

A cardinal of hope to strengthen your day.”

All my love,



Kathleen M. Wichterman


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