A Mom’s Tribute

A Mom’s Tribute

He’s here, he’s here, he’s here!  Been crying “happy tears.”  My Air Force son is home for awhile, I’m full of Christmas cheer.

We haven’t seen him for a very long time; he’s tall, still thin, all smiles!  His dad’s real proud and hugs him hard; mom praises God all the while.

He’s safe, he’s changed, but in very suttle ways – A MAN, no longer a child.  The places he’s been, and the stories he shares – wisdom from experience compiled.

The tears and the smiles are jumbled inside as I think of the years that we’ve shared:  a baby, a boy, a teen, now a man – does he know how much I cared?

I have to let go (holding on the whole while) knowing he’s only here for a time.  My task in his life was to train him to love, and to “fight the good fight” through his prime.

I’m happy and sad, though he’s been here one day;  need to relish the moments we have!  So proud and so humbled, his journey thus far – changing fear to faith as life’s salve.

I’m praying the same for each parent today, those with children both here and afar;  that your peace and assurance would come from Christ’s love.  Know He cares for them right where they are.

A very Merry Christ-mas, and a Happy and Peaceful New Year to each and everyone of you.

– From a very contented mom!

Kathleen M. Wichterman

P.S.  This is the way a Pinkthinker thinks!  😉


3 responses to “A Mom’s Tribute

  1. So happy you get to spend Christmas with your son! Enjoy every minute. My boyfriend is in basic so he won’t be home for the holidays but I’ll be at graduation in two weeks and I cannot wait.

    Happy holidays.


    • So glad to see someone found my tribute! I will be praying for your boyfriend, for his time in BMT, and for you missing him, but letting him be challenged and mature during this process. It is truly amazing – though hard. What is his name?

      Merry Christmas, DNatica! ❤


  2. His name is Kyle Spain. He’s about to begin week 7.

    Thank you for your prayers. It means a lot.


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