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A Mom’s Tribute

A Mom’s Tribute

He’s here, he’s here, he’s here!  Been crying “happy tears.”  My Air Force son is home for awhile, I’m full of Christmas cheer.

We haven’t seen him for a very long time; he’s tall, still thin, all smiles!  His dad’s real proud and hugs him hard; mom praises God all the while.

He’s safe, he’s changed, but in very suttle ways – A MAN, no longer a child.  The places he’s been, and the stories he shares – wisdom from experience compiled.

The tears and the smiles are jumbled inside as I think of the years that we’ve shared:  a baby, a boy, a teen, now a man – does he know how much I cared?

I have to let go (holding on the whole while) knowing he’s only here for a time.  My task in his life was to train him to love, and to “fight the good fight” through his prime.

I’m happy and sad, though he’s been here one day;  need to relish the moments we have!  So proud and so humbled, his journey thus far – changing fear to faith as life’s salve.

I’m praying the same for each parent today, those with children both here and afar;  that your peace and assurance would come from Christ’s love.  Know He cares for them right where they are.

A very Merry Christ-mas, and a Happy and Peaceful New Year to each and everyone of you.

– From a very contented mom!

Kathleen M. Wichterman

P.S.  This is the way a Pinkthinker thinks!  😉