Are you being JESUS to others?


As a BELIEVER in JESUS (Yeshua, The Messiah), what is acceptable behavior?
Do you do things in secret (in the DARK) that you wouldn’t want others to see in THE LIGHT!

Take a look at the comparative Bible passage of Ephesians 5:1-20 (MSG/NIV Comparative), in both a modern translation (The Message, MSG) and in a traditional version (New International Version, NIV). It’s quite an eye opener!

Jesus is with you all the time, whether you believe or sense His presence. What has He role-modeled in His life as an example for godly living? In any given situation, what would He do, say,  or think? How might your words and actions send a mixed message of Christianity to others? How are your thoughts affecting your actions, and do they glorify God, or defame and dishonor Him?

Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit love you, no matter your sins. But you can grieve the heart of God by not taking seriously ALL He’s done on the cross to give you a new life, healing, and wholeness. Let’s honor The One who SAVED us from eternal death, and be an example of His True Love to others, in ALL we say, do, and think!

Ponderings from one who is convicted, and wanting to be a better witness.

Sincerely for Souls,


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