A blessing

I found this lovely blessing on the “Light and Sound” WordPress blog site.  

It fits beautifully with what I have been posting recently, but Pamela also notes that Yeshua (JESUS) is never shaken!  He is steadfast and fights for us.  He is our great intercessor, and we find our confidence in Him.

May you be blessed to know Him intimately, and find freedom to fulfill your purpose and passion for His glory!

Sincerely for Souls, 


Light and Sound

I call your G-d given human spirit to attention. 

The disciples were going across the sea as they were commanded, purposed for the other side. With Jesus on the boat and the great skill of the accompanying seamen, they had no reason to doubt their goal, it was just another trip across the sea. 

The winds picked up,  the waves started to swell and it wasn’t long before they were in the midst of a storm so mighty that even the men who had spent their entire lives on the sea were struck with fear in their hearts, all while Jesus slept. They didn’t want to wake Him. He had been ministering everywhere and they knew He was tired in body, but this storm was different, so they cried out to Him.

Jesus stirred from the sounds of their panic. He walked solidly in the dominion His…

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