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THE MARCH FOR LIFE RALLY was Friday, January 27, 2017 in Washington, DC

was Friday, January 27, 2017
in Washington, DC
Vice President Mike Pence came with a clear message, “Life is winning again in America.”
Watch this short video excerpt (https://youtu.be/OvJPqxdEPkI) to know the TRUTH, and help COUNTERACT the lies the media publicly shares.
And full video coverage: https://youtu.be/4dK7dH-5QU8
This 44 year MARCH FOR LIFE movement is specifically about STOPPING the ABORTION of innocent babies, whether due to rape, incest, or an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy.
LIFE is about giving women the CHOICE to receive ALTERNATIVE information AND help; about overcoming the trauma pregnancy can bring, without encouraging the consequences of GUILT & REMORSE, which could result from the killing of a life through an abortion.
LIFE educates women that LIFE begins at conception; that her pregnancy is a viable LIFE-form (not “just tissue”), with a heartbeat at around 5 weeks. (http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/pregnancy-week-by-week/in-depth/prenatal-care/art-20045302).
LIFE encourages women to seek help through PRO-LIFE CLINICS, which help them carry their baby to full term; with options to give the baby up for adoption; to those that have the means or desire to care for the child, OR helping them succeed as a single mom: completing school and higher education, finding gainful employment and daycare, but most of all, VALUING THE LIFE that was created as a part of her DNA, and allowing herself and the child to grow, and mature; to make a positive imprint on the world around them.
LIFE is about STOPPING Tax-payer funding of abortions through misinformation, coercion, and greed through the practices of The Planned Parenthood Clinics, and others.
“Quitting Takes Courage!” is a poster slogan seen on the platform of the video link, by abortion workers who QUIT assisting in the deplorable practice of killing innocent babies.
In JESUS’ name, Amen!
By Kathleen Wichterman
Former Client Services Advocate,
and Crisis Pregnancy Counselor,

Gluten/Grains & Pain Relief

As I’m a little eclectic in my interests, today I thought I’d comment on one of my passions God has really highlighted lately.  Namely, my HEALTH & WELLNESS!  I have been struggling with gas, bloating, stomach pain, fatigue, joint inflammation, and headaches on and off for the past 25 years.  And praying to find some answers and relief.

I first learned about low blood sugar when I told a friend that I always felt dizzy in the morning, right after I ate breakfast.  My friend encouraged me to get a glucose tolerance test, but to ask the doctor to test me longer than the three hour mark.  They did, and at 4 hours my blood sugar plummeted.  So, began the journey of NOT eating sugary foods for breakfast, but rather protein, whole grains, and vegetables or fruit.  This made a difference, but then another problem arose.

My next change in eating/drinking habits began with heart racing, migraine headaches, insomnia, and fibrositic breast disease.  Caffeine consumption was brought into the light as related to these symptoms, so I began to monitor what I drank (coffee, tea, sodas), or what I ate, mainly chocolate.  And of course added more filters water.  Sometimes I still overdo it with caffeine, but now I feel the affects immediately because I have become so sensitive to it.  A little goes a long way for me, and I pay for it if I’m not careful.

I love cheese, sour cream, yogurt, real cream, ice cream, but YES, you guessed it – I have dairy intolerance too.  So basically I can’t have much, unless it’s raw or fermented, which is more cost effective to make myself rather than buy.  And this diagnosis also led me to a Naturopath, Chiropractor, and an Herbalist which began to show me how compromised my gut (intestinal tract) was.  I learned that our G.I. tract actually has a brain, and if we can heal the gut, we heal the whole body.

Then I had a period in the last five years with hip, foot, and heel pain on my right side, and numbness on the same side that was exasperated, but persistent, for years.  At this time I really increased my research into diet, exercise, meditation, stress reduction, sleep, etc.  Gluten is definitely a culprit in muscle and joint pain, as well as magnesium deficiency.  So, as best as I can, I try to avoid gluten filled food, which is often hidden in sauces and a filler in many items.  And I am also working on increasing magnesium in my diet with supplements, Epsom salt bath soaks, as well as spray on topical aids.

I think I’m finally starting to pull all the pieces together to balance my spirit, soul, and body wellness.  Do I struggle, binge, and act like a slug sometimes?  YES!  Will I quit and give into medical diagnosis labels, exist rather than live, and die before my time.  NO WAY!

My God created the human body to heal itself, and IF we as His vessels help ourselves by learning what our triune self needs, we are co-partnering with The Creator to keep our WHOLE being healthy, and honoring Him in with the life and gifts He gave us, to be around a while and share that fruit with others.  Bible Scripture on Healing the Body

Below is a link to Lewis Howes School of Greatness by Integrity Network.  There is a FREE iTunes audio teaching (and many others) about gluten, grains, and pain.  Some things I knew, but NOW I’m really motivated to change my diet and relieve the chronic inflammation I struggle with.  I hope this resource helps you too.

Listen to this FREE iTunes audio teaching by Dr. Peter Osborne and The Truth About Gluten and Your Health to learn secrets for PAIN RELIEF.


Written by Kathleen Wichterman – http://www.treesright.com