To Judge or Not to Judge?

TRUE, we are not supposed to judge UNBELIEVERS because they have not yet surrendered their lives to Jesus, but we are called to judge the fruit of those that say they are Christian (Matthew 7:1-29), including OUR OWN FRUIT! 

But, that doesn’t mean we’re to condemn them – that’s self-righteousness. Yet CONVICTION comes when the Holy Spirit draws us into truth, healing & cleansing us, and drawing us into deeper intimacy with our Daddy God and His living resurrected Son, Jesus. 

FAMILIAR SPIRITS constantly war with our flesh. FOR ME it’s a

1) spirit of fear and anxiety – (trying to control the unknown),

2) a critical spirit – (forgetting to have GRACE, for myself & others, letting God do His work in me and them),

3) a spirit of distrust of others, or not trusting God – (because of the ABUSE that has been done to me over the years – sexually, mentally, verbally, and spiritually in the church), 4) a judgmental spirit – (quick to point out others’ sin, before looking at the sin in my own life that needs removal), 5) and a spirit of offense – (at those that don’t do or say what I want to see or hear.)

Yeah, “WE ALL SIN,” but we DON’T ALL KEEP ON SINNING. Once we say “YES” to Jesus, He lives inside us.  That’s how He ENCOUNTERS US SO SUPERNATURALLY.   Then we walk out our salvation, day by day, overcoming sin and gaining victory in Jesus.
We’re not meant to do this on our own. It’s a place of vulnerability and humility, with those that also struggle but have overcome, taking the road less traveled by the world – the NARROW ROAD – away from compromise and fence walking (one foot in the world, and one foot in Heaven).
How do we do that? By growing in deeper intimacy with God, rather than giving misplaced time and devotion to people and things.  (Those “can” become idols.) 
I am convicted of the struggles with MY OWN IDOLS of time wasters such as:

1) Busyness “for the sake of ministry,” though not necessarily what God wants me to involve my time with

2) Overindulgence in areas of food and entertainment

3) And codependent relationships – idolizing, concerned about, and devoted to my husband, grown children, and friendships, more than developing a deeper RELATIONSHIP with God, the ONE who made me, and knows me so intricately. 

WE ARE ALL SEARCHING FOR LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE, but often in places, and in things, that are harmful and give only temporary relief.  But we are deceived unless we RUN TO JESUS to heal those wounds, and fill that hole of hurt and loneliness that ONLY HE CAN FILL! 
When life comes crashing down around us, it all comes down to two questions: “What is love?” and “What is obedience?” The Bible, God’s love letter to us, says “Perfect love casts out ALL fear.” (1 John 4:18) And “If you love Me, obey Me.” (John 14:15) Well, God is PERFECT LOVE, and obedience is your choice.  Choose LIFE, and choose wisely. 
Praying for the PEACE AND ASSURANCE of your Savior, to know and believe that HIS LOVE IS ENOUGH!
Sincerely for Souls, 
Go to for a great devotional Bible study on Judging.


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