My Personal Armor – (What does yours look like?)


A friend just posted the saying above on Facebook. It is a biblical principle I treasure. 

I was just talking with girlfriends the other day, asking what their armor would look like if they could design it. 

I said that I like pink now, but used to hate it. And I still don’t go for pastel or neon pink.  My armor would be unique to me, and have shades of raspberry pink, like the little girl wears in my book “Darkness and Light – The Little Girl in Pink” (A Journey from Fear to Faith).  See BOOK page for pricing and purchase information. 

I would have a silk blouse and flowing knee length skirt (fabric that is cool or warm when needed – so you don’t perspire), with leggings, also in raspberry. 

My breastplate would have “bling” – “diamond shaped hearts” of various cuts, shapes, and sizes, and other precious jewels, (just like the priests who were in the temple service of the wilderness tabernacle).  The shoulders would have crosses made of white gold and silver.

The belt would have blue sapphires and diamond studs varied throughout, again with crosses and the word “Isaiah 61” engraved in front. 

My boots would need to be comfortable, yet rugged enough to climb mountains, and sturdy enough for protection, therefore including steel toes.  They must be waterproof to keep my feet dry when fording rivers, and lined with mink for softness.  And of course feminine and stylish within the attributes listed.

My shield would have a strong protective metal, to prevent armor piercing bullets from penetrating. It would have a raspberry colored background, and a coat of arms depicting a victorious overcomer, with a heart for the lost and wounded.  The insignia would combine a painting of a Lion for Jesus, and a Lamb for me –  a true lady warrior’s personal statement.

My helmet would be feminine, but functional, resembling a crown, yet protecting my eyes, while practical to clearly see the enemy. 

And finally, my sword would be made of a special, one of a kind, “crystalline” metal, forged by God, exclusively for me. It would be light weight, yet able to cut through anything, physical or spiritual. It would have beautiful curves, and a gilded handle of jewels and velvet – raspberry of course.


hough we may fight through adversity as women, and contend for our faith in intercession, we don’t have to look or act like Amazons to fight our spiritual battles.  

God made us ladies, in his image, yet different from man.  Let’s practice winning others over for the Lord Jesus with a loving, gentle, quiet spirit (1Peter 3-4), rather than reacting with fear and irrational emotions. 

What would your armor look like, and how have you been overcoming the battles in your life?  Are they godly, or reminiscent of the world’s way?  

Read Ephesians 6:10-20 to get a better understanding of our role in spiritual warfare.  It’s real, we’re under attack, but WE SHALL OVERCOME!


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