Kathleen or Jim Will Be Honored To Be A Speaker
At Your Club, Church, Business or Group

Request Kathleen Wichterman
to speak about her book,
and healing and recovery for women:

Kathleen:PurpleClematis5:2014Kathleen is a licensed and ordained minister. She has written a  book called: “Darkness and Light –  The Little Girl in Pink” (A Journey from Fear to Faith). Please email comments, requests for speaking engagements (Tea/ Coffee Shop Talks and Comedy Nights) and Study Guide materials, and I will be glad to pray for you and encourage you in anyway I can. God is good, even if our circumstances don’t always show that. Through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, He will lift you out of the “mire and muck” you find yourself in and bring you to a place of wholeness and healing. Be blessed…and enjoy Pink!

P.S. Book 2, a novel, “Darkness and Light – The Woman in Pink ” (A Journey from Pride to Humility), is coming soon.


Request Jim Wichterman
to speak about Catch and Release evangelism in your church:

Jim WichtermanJim is a licensed, ordained minister and a worship leader. His heart is to reach the Isaiah 61 population – to “Set the Captives Free.” He will work with churches and other groups with a “Catch and Release” form of evangelism – to reach (catch), pray for, heal, equip, and release believers into the fullness of the giftings God gave them. Future week long training seminars will take place in Northern Minnesota, which will develop the team skills of servanthood, surrender and trust issues, and leadership abilities. This will be a great opportunity for churches going on missions trips, for new believers needing to be rooted and grounded in a faith in Jesus, and for work groups who desire the unity of teamwork. Contact Jim to set up a meeting to discuss the options available for your unique situation.


John. 8:12: “I am the light of the world.
He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness,
but have the light of life.”