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Author/Pastor Kathleen Wichterman

I am a dreamer; in more than one sense of the word. As a child I would daydream in school, often being scolded by the teachers, but as an adult I had vivid dreams and visions, with sequences that made sense and applied to my life.

Kathleen:PurpleClematis5:2014This book is a vision I received in a counseling session. It is a life changing story of my recovery. I was, and am, “The Little Girl in Pink,” and I actually hated all things pink. As I learned to replace fear with faith in Jesus, I began to get in touch with my femininity. Jesus is real! Jesus is alive! Jesus Saves!

Darkness & Light – The Little Girl in Pink                                                                                 (A Journey from Fear to Faith)

Darkness and Light Book

Kathleen has a passion to see others touched by the saving grace of Jesus, sharing her own healing testimony of a life spent learning of Him –

the True Healer –
the Author of Creation –
the Light in the Darkness.

The book, “Darkness and Light – The Little Girl in Pink” (A Journey from Fear to Faith), 8 x 8, softcover, is a personal revelation from God of His redemption and presence in the midst of Fear – an area she was bound in for years. Through forty years of growing up as a daughter, sister, employee, wife, mother, and friend, Kathleen unexpectedly hit a wall in her life… as she knew it. They call it being in “crisis mode.” Her world was suddenly turned upside down – all because of a memory.

Because of fear, she experienced a world of darkness, depression, shame, and a feeling of being out of control. But, as she healed, Kathleen journeyed to a world filled with the Life and Light of Jesus, a world full of Joy, Peace, Hope, Rest, and Freedom. This is a story of recovery. She was and is “The Little Girl in Pink.”

“Darkness & Light – The Little Girl in Pink”                                                   (A Journey from Fear to Faith)

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BLOG PAGE & ADDITIONAL FACEBOOK GROUP BLOG: Kathleen continues to write about her love of Jesus and encourages others in a life that honors God in our relationships.

Areas of purity, healing, reconciliation, marriage and singleness, are just a few of the topics she comments on.  Here she posts encouraging quotes, Bible Studies, and ponderings from her experience of overcoming darkness and abuse.

See the BLOG page on this site, and on Facebook at Darkness and Light – click on the link and request to join.


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